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ZeroLogic was founded in the beginning of 2009 by Farhan Alibux. The firm is a small, young & independant office housed in the Creative Factory in Rotterdam. ZeroLogic operates within a professional network of individuals and firms; building engineers, structural engineers, urbanists, landscape architects and building managers.

ZeroLogic works over the
whole spectrum of the design field, from furniture design to building engineering. Not because we cannot specialize, but because scale and size very quicly becomes irrelevant. A small house extension or roof extension will get the same attention to detail as a larger project would. ZeroLogic advises, designs for and delivers to their client from interior design & house extensions to larger building projects.

With our designs we create
dynamic intriging spaces that play with light and the users' imagination. These elements are important in our designs because they determine the quality of living and working in them.

ZeroLogic combines its
design vision on sustainability with preciousness. In our vision a sustainable design is not only an engineering challenge in the sense of evinronmentaly friendly design and materials. But also one off aesthetics and user experiences. A great design will inspire and come to life with its inhabitants. A design that works well for its inhabitants will over time become something precious and worth keeping to them. Our designs are contemporary with a strong sense of history and tradition. Together with our clients we aspire to create what will be sustainable and precious to them.
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Our job is to create spaces, enclose them in an envelope to protect its users from the climate outside. Spaces where you feel comfortable, safe and ultimately at home.

We generally start with a
complimentory advice meeting. For us it is important that there is a mutual sense of trust and direction before we proceed with the design process. The design task starts with an in-depth preparation of the project by summing up the clients' wishes, budget and planning. From there on we start with the Preliminary Design and the Final Design which will be submitted for the building licence.

When the client has permission to build the
technical drawings and specifications can be made. With this information contractors will be able to make specific price assesments of the construction. We negotiate with the contractors to recieve the best price with the best quality. The building process itself can be especially risky and expensive, with our help we will minimize the risk through detailed specifications, written agreements and good management. Ultimately saving our clients time and money.

During construction we
supervise the process from the first stone to the last door knob. In order to assure that the client recieves exactly what he wished for.