Comfort Zones

ProRail manages heat pillars on several Dutch train stations. During some of the colder days travelers can warm up at these pillars. These pillars have one serious downside, they use 6000 watts of electricity! ProRail was anxious for a more power efficient and environmentally friendly solution. For this competition ZeroLogic envisioned thermal pads that can be integrated into the station floor. Each pad is individually activated and uses a lot less energy.

Interactive Facade

The Creative Factory started their beamer-project this September. For the next two years images and videos will be projected on the facade. For new ideas the entrepreneurs of the Creative Factory could pitch their ideas. The jury chose ZeroLogic as the uncontested winner! Together with Matthijs Kadijk (The Next Generation) ZeroLogic will design apps that will allow you to play Pong & PacMan on the facade!

Living Cargo

Rotterdam is densifying, more and more people are moving to big cities for work and pleasure. And the cities need more space. Rotterdam had plenty of water, so why not use it. Don't worry, we're NOT going to build floating concrete blocks with derivative architecture. We're going to repurpose old cargo vessels for living & working! Follow the Living Cargo Project, website will soon be online!

The Rotterdam

Farhan Alibux wrote an essay about the new high rise 'The Rotterdam' that is now under construction. An excerpt of that essay was published on the LAB2010 website. You can also get the full essay HERE.

Control Room

On the top floor of the Creative Factory there is a dark creepy room where at night strange things happen. But no more! ZeroLogic intends redevelop this 900 sqm area for something new and sassy! Together with the Van der Vossen Group, Karensa Zonruiter & The Creative Factory we hope that the Control Room will soon become the crown of the Maassilo!

Extension The Hague

On the Laan van Poot in The Hague a residence has been extended and renovated. The extension was for the kitchen & living room witch got a green roof and sky light. ZeroLogic provided the design, the drawings and on-site checkups of the renovation

Residence Topibolaan

For a client in Paramaribo (Surinam) a sketch design was made for a small house. The house will be located in the city centre and is intended as a guest house for rent. The design is clean and simple, the house has two bedrooms, a large living room, kitchen and bathroom. The house is designed for the tropical climate, so it needs no insulation and uses shade for cooling. ZeroLogic is now working on the final design and construction drawings.

Interview LAB2010

Elfie Tromp, writer for LAB2010, interviewed Farhan Alibux about his work as an architect and his firm ZeroLogic. Please read the full interview on the LAB2010 website!

The Klankkaatser

It took a while, but its finally finished! The Klankkaatser is a soundmachine designed by Hans van Koolwijk. ZeroLogic and Arup were responsible for the design engineering. Have a look at the project page for more details on this facinating piece of art.

Workshop Living Daylight

Farhan Alibux was at the VMRG workshop about facades & daylight to discuss his vision on the future of facades.

  • Comfort Zones

    11-27-2011 - ZeroLogic entered their idea for the ProRail idea competition.
  • Interactive Facade

    09-27-2011 - ZeroLogic won the pitch for the CF Facade Project!
  • Living Cargo

    10-15-2011 - Concept plans for the Living Cargo Project are almost done.
  • The Rotterdam

    10-25-2011 - Farhan Alibux gives his opinion about the new Rotterdam High Rise.
  • Control Room

    10-28-2011 - ZeroLogic presents its vision for the CF Control Room.
  • Extension The Hague

    11-15-2011 - The renovation & extension of a residence in The Hague is almost complete!
  • Residence Topibolaan

    09-27-2011 - The sketch design for a residence in Paramaribo is done.
  • Interview LAB2010

    12-01-2010 - Farhan Alibux was interviewed by Elfie Tromp for LAB2010.
  • The Klankkaatser

    08-14-2010 - After five years the Klankkaatser is open to the public!
  • Workshop VMRG DayLight

    03-31-2010 - ZeroLogic was at the VMRG HQ to brainstorm about the future of facades!
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